Jonathan Eisner
Manufacturers Representative
Ph: 954.592.3847 | Fx: 561.642.3210

Mr. Eisner is a native of Florida working within the foodservice for 15+ years. Previously, Mr. Eisner held Sales Management positions with Edward Don & Company, the leading distributor of foodservice equipment, supplies, & furnishings. While working with Edward Don & Company, Mr. Eisner was responsible for territories in Broward & Palm Beach Counties that generated 8.3 million in sales. Jonathan was instrumental in developing multi-unti accounts within the Broward & West Palm counties. While with Edward Don & Company Mr. Eisner won the prestigious award of "District Sales Manager of the Year" for 2001. Mr. Eisner also worked with Kimberly Clark Corporation and was responsible for Broward County that generated 2.4 million in sales. Jonathan strongly believes his success comes from building strong and positiive relationships with Distributors & Manufacturers in the foodservice industry.

Scot Rose
Manufacturers Representative
Ph: 954.655.5544 | Fx: 561.477.3706

Mr. Rose is native of Florida working in the foodservice industry for 10+ years. Mr. Rose started his foodservice career in operations, managing Signature Grand. Signature Grand is one of the top catering facilities in the Industry bringing in revenues of ten million annually. While working for Signature, Mr. Rose was closely involved with the Sales & Marketing department, kitchen, vendor services, as well as front of the house services. After Signature, Mr. Rose joined Victoria Porcelain in Miami, Florida. Victoria Porcelain is one of leading international manufacturers of quality porcelain chinaware. As a factory representative, Mr. Rose opened new territories in Aruba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Bonaire, as well as various parts of the United States. Previously, Mr. Rose was working with Edward Don & Company. Mr. Rose went on to receive various awards such as Rookie of the Year, Peak Performer, as well as several Salesman of the month honors. Scot's philosophy is real simple, treat people as though you want to be treated & be honest with all of your customers.

Stacey Minor
Manufacturers Representative
Ph: 813.495.5387

Ms. Stacey Minor has lived in Florida for the past 25 years, working in sales/marketing with Johnson & Johnson Company. Ms. Minor’s achievements include 100% sales goal obtained for 5 years resulting in top performance honors. Additionally, development of sales retention, multi-market development and maintenance were a vital part of Stacey’s success. Stacey’s strengths in sales comes from her passion of making long lasting relationships, networking and the ability to strategically plan. Stacey takes pride in giving her customers useful information and proving them with the tools to make them successful.

Maritza Jorge
Manufacturers Representative
Ph: 786.562.5661 | Fx: 561.642.3210

Ms. Maritza Jorge has lived in Florida for most of her life and considers herself a native. Maritza has worked in the Foodservice Industry her entire career representing reputable manufacturers for front of the house, back of the house and disposable paper products. Maritza's achievements include, Manufacturer’s Representative of the year award as well as multiple salesperson of the year awards. Maritza bases her success in being reliable and dependable while developing strong, long lasting relationships, some of which date back to her very beginning in this field. Maritza strives to widen her product knowledge with all manufacturers in an effort to be able to offer solutions to everyday challenges.

Lisa Eisner
Inside Sales Support
Ph: 954.806.7591 | Fx: 561.642.3210

Lisa Eisner's primary focus is working with Hospitality Designers and Architects to provide practical solutions to turn visions into reality.